Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shift + move

I did mention that I would be posting some thoughts on the industry's movement towards specialization rather than wearing many hats. What I hadn't planned on, at the time, was my primary domain coming up for renewal. Bad timing on my part. That's my bad and I am working on those posts so bear with me.

With that said, over the next couple of weeks I will be moving this blog to a hosted Word Press solution...which I'd originally had slated for May. Delays make baby Jesus cry, or so I've been told. I do have my new domain up and running (yay for Media Temple's wicked sick hosting!) Most of the domain kinks have been worked out and I am just trying to find a sliver of time to dedicate to Word Press theming of my fresh installation, along with the melding of my old personal site and this blog content. Basically just comes down to me not being as familiar with Word Press as I probably should be.

I'm going to be working on posts over there so this will probably be the last post to this location and future updates will happen at my new home. I'll be sure to work out the redirects from this space to my new domain so stay tuned!.. all...two...of you. :P

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