Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finding a path

Two months? Has it really been that long since I've posted? I suppose time flies when you're having fun but wow...

Well I'm happy to say that despite the "iron curtain of creativity" that I've been subjected to at the state, I've been slowly digging myself out of my design uncertainty. I've begun drawing again which has helped immeasurably, we're getting closer to launching ver. 3 of the site in Drupal, and I've recently initiated what I hope will be new collaboration amongst the designers at MDC.

One of my big questions with regard to web development now ends up being: specialization or broad range of experience. It seems as if there are two paths in web design currently, that of a very niche specialization in a particular technology or wearing many hats and being able to diversify and draw from several fields. I'm fortunate in that I could function in either role but the question is which direction will be the ultimate winner? And is the other destined to become part of internet history? I suppose there are still people out there with the "webmaster" title, but that doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was.

I'm going to try and break up the next couple of posts disussing what I belive to be happening in web development. Hopefully there can be a bit of discussion from the couple of people following my blog because I'd love to know what others think about careers in our industry are where they're headed. ;)

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