Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I need to find my digital voice.

So after posting to a solid handful of blogs I've realized I need to make a more significant effort to build my social net. Of course, my life isn't exactly some kind of enormous void - I work in state government and it functions excruciatingly slow for my tastes, but I am gainfully employed, happily married, and I have a career in a field I really enjoy. Everyone should be so lucky. ;)

I've had an awesome time at the South By Southwest festival here in Austin, TX. Even though I wasn't able to find time to meet up with the parental units (Dallas to Austin is still a 3-hour drive - kind of rough for them), was just an awesome freaking time. Met several new people, not only in-person, but had some great discussions with other attendees via the Meebo chat rooms. There's something awe-inspiring about live conversation with others who are sitting in the same room about the presentation - all concurrently. This type of dynamic interaction is great and I really hope that the presenters/panelists are able to plug into that kind of feedback on-demand next year. Hell, sooner than that if possible... We shouldn't have to wait a year - there are some other great conferences coming up!

I also started throwing myself headlong into Twitter and I think it's got phenomenal potential. Messages are short and sweet and it's awesome to be able to follow someone via mobile phone updates. Chris and I had options for nightlife in a town neither of us had been to in years. I'm in love with the ability to seamlessly move from my computer (even though it's wireless), to my mobile phone (which I always have with me). Now I just need to delve a bit deeper and make sure that I'm using it's features and functions.

...and I need to get my ass in gear and re-skin this blog if I'm going to finally break down and use it. :P


93octane said...

Funny. I had the same takeaway...the sudden pressing priority to dig deeper into social networking and media, beyond my superficial dabbling for entertainment's sake in ms, fb, last.fm and the like.

I missed out on the live chat fri and sat, but dug in sun/mon and regretted missing those 1st two days bigtime. it added a huge new dimension to the panels - both the lame ones and the good ones.

and now i'm twittering regularly, and people have already found me and are following me. i kinda don't funny get it yet, but i have a nagging feeling that it's only a matter of time b4 i "get it".

good to know you. don't be a stranger. welcome to my social network.

bliSSter said...

Hehe - thanks for the tag octane. Was some good chat we had during the sessions at south by. We'll have to stay in touch and hopefully can meet up at some other events. Loved your sxsw slideshow - really captured the essence of a fun 4-5 days. Are those all iPhone pics or did you have digicam with you as well?

I know you're launching some new soon. Be sure to shoot that link my way when you go live. Would love to have a look-see. :)